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There is a world out there full of different types of phone cases. This can sometimes be overwhelming and not so easy to choose from, you might find yourself asking “what phone case should I get?” We are here to help you answer that question! We know you are probably looking for something that matches your lifestyle: full protection for your phone, keeping the sleek shape of the device, the best possible grip, or the sharpest print available. With our large variety of custom phone cases, you can create a fully personalised accessory while meeting your wildest design and protection preferences for your smartphone. All our customisable phone cases are compatible with wireless charging and are designed for optimal usage of ports and buttons. Here is a quick overview of the custom phone case types you can get with us:


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Items 1-24 of 388 total

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  • Silicone cases: Ultra Grip, Mediumweight, All sides and buttons protection, Backprint
  • Hard cases: Sleek, Extra Lightweight, Laterals protection, Backprint
  • Hard cases Full Wrap: Sleek, Lightweight, Laterals protection, All-round print
  • Tough cases: Dual layer of a silicone case and a hard case, All sides and buttons protection, All-round print
  • Wallet cases: Ultra Grip, All sides and buttons protection, Front / All-round print, 3 card slots, Foldable to act as a stand
  • iPad Smart Cover: Perfect screen cover for your iPad, Front Print, Foldable to act as a stand

High-quality customised phone cases require up-to-date technology

MyPersonalisedCase is proud to offer the very latest in custom phone case printing. With our unique technology, we make it easy for you to turn your phone, tablet or laptop into an expression of your personal style. While you make something extraordinary, we focus on producing and delivering! Our custom phone cases are printed individually for each customer, so we can guarantee that your photo will always look great. We produce and ship everything with love from our headquarters in Amsterdam. When it comes to printing, rest assured your design is in safe hands - our UV and sublimation printing techniques are long-lasting and resistant, just like our custom phone cases. Our high-tech machines can print high-resolution images that will bring your photos to life on your custom phone case with vibrant colours and incredible details. In fact, many customers are impressed by the quality of the printing when they receive their customised phone cases. We want you to be impressed too! So go now, start creating your new custom phone case and give an unforgettable gift to yourself or someone you love. Use and re-use until you’re in the mood for a new one... We will still be here to provide you with the best quality and friendly customer service in case you need any help!
We just have one question for you, do you already have the perfect photo? Then go ahead and choose your custom phone case and start designing today! Check out our Top Brands: custom iPhone case, custom Samsung case, and custom Huawei case.

Design your own custom photo case

If you are looking for a unique accessory for your phone, you are in the right place. At MyPersonalisedCase you have full control of the creation process when you design your new custom phone case. With loads of choice in our ever-expanding catalogue, we make it easier than ever for you to personalise your device in a way that matches your style. And all at competitive prices! Personalisation is the key to making your smartphone and tablet as stylish as you. It couldn’t be easier to create a customisable phone case at our site, and most importantly… It's so much fun! Take a look at some of the options you have: you can print your favourite photo, create a picture collage, print your company logo, add your name, apply filters, add stickers… Almost anything you can imagine! And do not worry, if you’re running out of inspiration, you can use one of the pre-made designs and illustration templates that we have made available. Designing your custom phone case is quick and easy, in less than 5 minutes you can have a one-of-a-kind customised phone case, 100% designed by you. It is simple as 1, 2, 3. For real: go to our customising tool and simply follow the 3-step process we developed.
  1. Choose the customisable phone case type of your choice: is it going to be a silicone case, an all-around protective tough case, or maybe a Smart Cover for your tablet?
  2. Upload your photo to the system from your computer or camera roll, or directly from your social media. We recommend you do it on the highest possible resolution, so the resulting images come to life on your custom case.
  3. Place the order, sit and relax. We will deliver your brand-new custom phone case in less than you expect. Our production team will personally check that the case looks as good as you design it, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
Easy peasy, right? Now it is your turn to give it a go and design your custom photo case. And of course, if you have any questions throughout the process, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service, we are here to help!

A customisable phone case as an original gift

We take so many photos on a daily basis. We go on holiday, have animals that we love dearly, and enjoy fun-filled, unforgettable moments with our friends and family. Most of the time these photos are quickly forgotten and disappear between hundreds, if not thousands, of photos. But, with MyPersonalisedCase this does not have to be the case (pun intended). You can now carry these photos with you every day on your new custom phone case. Customising your own phone case is simple and fast, in a few minutes you can make a unique case for yourself or as a fun gift for family and friends. What are you waiting for? Make someone happy today with a special customised phone case!