iPhone 5S & SE

Personalised iPhone 5, 5S & SE Case

Are you planning a trip somewhere and you don't have any protection for your phone? Then design your own Personalised iPhone 5, 5S or SE Case. You can also make your own even if you don't go on a trip, our cases are the ultimate protection for your smartphone! You won't afraid anymore of bringing your phone wherever you go. You can choose between the hard case, the silicone case, the full wrap cases and the wallet cases. Once you have picked your prefered case, click on "Design Now" and start to design your own iPhone 5, 5S or SE Case in a few easy steps. The iPhone 5, 5S and the iPhone SE are two different phones but with the same size characteristics so you won't have any issues. Everything has been adapted to help you in your customisation process so don't hesitate anymore and make your own Personalised iPhone 5, 5S or SE Case now!

Are you sure you have the right model? We also offer Personalised iPhone 5C Cases!