iPad Pro 10.5 Personalised Smart Cover

iPad Pro 10.5 - Personalised Smart Cover

Create your own iPad Pro 10.5 smart cover. You can make your own design in our easy-to-use module. The personalised iPad Pro 10.5 smart cover protects the screen of your iPad. You can add in addition the back case to protect the back and sides of your iPad. Backcase not included in this product. Add a backcase as a supplement after designing your Smart Cover.
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Color white is out of stock and will be shipped on 28 September 2012.

Design now!
The personalised iPad Pro 10.5 smart cover will bring you even more than protection. It can have any of your favourite image or photo printed on it. Plus the smart cover can be folded to provide a stand in 2 different levels for the ipad. You can then use it to work or watch a movie. The cover has a functionnality to switch off the screen of the ipad when it's close. You can then carry it around without wasting the battery of your iPad. It is design to perfectly fit the iPad pro 10.5 so it will stay in place and don't be noticable during the use.
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Type Device iPad Pro 10.5 inch
Printing: High resolution, UV print, Printing on the front
Material Polished plastic, Silicon
Finishing Anti-scratch, Hardwearing, Matte
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